San Diego – Steff’s Parents Visit – Part Two

June 23, 2017 - by Steffanie
San Diego, CA

As I said in the last post, our days spend with my parents in San Diego were jammed packed with fun. On our first three days together, some highlights were La Jolla Cove, the San Diego Zoo, and the U.S.S. Midway. Oh, and those delicious dessert creations from Extraordinary Desserts!

Hotel del Coronado

On day four, we drove to Coronado Island. A girl named Tori from our home town is serving in the Navy in San Diego. She used to work with my mom, so we took the opportunity to meet up with her to say hello. We meet at the historic beachfront hotel, Hotel del Coronado.

Hotel del Coronado

Even though we had been in San Diego almost a week at this point, this was Mike’s first time at the beach since we’d been there. We walked along the boardwalk with Tori catching up for a bit. Then, we parted ways and went to find someone to eat lunch. We found a really cute little cafe on Orange Street called Nueva Pastry Caffe. Before we left Coronado Island, we got a surprise parking bill of $40 for the hotel! We should have tried a little longer to find street parking, but it’s difficult with our big truck. The hotel parking signs were misleading, but in the end we had no choice but to pay it.

Cabrillo National Monument

We moved on with our day and headed to Point Loma to Cabrillo National Monument. The park is named for Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo the first European to set foot on the West Coast of the United States. It’s a beautiful park with some of the best views of the city.

Old Point Loma Lighthouse

We went inside the Old Point Loma Lighthouse. It was in operation for 36 years. When it was first built in 1855, 422 feet above sea level, it seemed like a good location. However, fog and low clouds often obscured the light, so another lighthouse closer to the water replaced in 1891.

Old Point Loma Lighthouse

We’ve seen several lighthouses on our travels, but this was the first one we were able to go inside. We saw the lighthouse keepers quite living quarters and climbed the stairs to the top. There was also a small out building turned museum that housed one of the original lights that topped the lighthouse.

Cabrillo National Monument

After checking out the lighthouse, we took a walk down the path looking over the bay. We know we weren’t going to have enough time before closing to make it all the way down to the water, so we just took our time meandering down the hill a ways and taking in the beautiful sites. Mom and I had fun taking silly pictures.

Cabrillo National Monument

Before we left, we made sure to get one last glimpse of the open ocean on the other side of Point Loma. I just love this picture of Mike and I overlooking the ocean!

Whale Watching San Diego

The next day was my parents’ last full day before flying back to Illinois. It was another busy but fun day. We scheduled a Whale Watching Cruise with Flagship Cruises & Events. They had a naturalist and volunteers for Birch Aquarium on board to educate everyone about the whales and marine life we were about to see.

Whale Watching San Diego

We saw some sea lions resting on buoys on the way out of the bay and had high hopes that we would see some gray whales and/or dolphins. About a mile or so out, the water got really choppy. It was fun at first, but soon half the people on the boat were looking a little blue. I even had to go sit towards the back of the boat and stare that the horizon for a while. The captain came over the loud speaker and informed everyone that we were turning back. The water was too choppy and no whales had been spotted that day.

Naval Ship San Diego

There was a lot of Naval activity in the area that day which may have contributed to the lack of whale sitings as well as the fact that rough sea makes it hard to see the gray whales blow spray. Flagship issued everyone a voucher to come back again since we didn’t see any whales or dolphins, but it was still disappointing since my parents were leaving the next day so they wouldn’t get a chance to use their vouchers.

Old Town San Diego

Next, we checked out Old Town San Diego. The park includes shops, restaurants, and museums and other historic buildings such as a schoolhouse and a blacksmith shop. We walked around a checked out a few of the shops before looking for somewhere to eat dinner.

Coyote Cafe Old Town San Diego

We found a Mexican restaurant called Coyote Café. It was a great choice. They had awesome margaritas, good food, and our waiter, Kevin, was the best server we have had in a long time!


Soledad Memorial San Diego

Our last stop before going back to the RV Park was Mt. Soledad. There is a veteran’s memorial at the top as well as great views. We wanted to get there to watch the sunset. We made it there a few minutes after the sun has disappeared below the sea but the sky was still beautiful.

Chula Vista KOA

We went back to the KOA in Chula Vista and spent the last of our time together around the fire. We took Mom and Dad to the airport early the next morning. We really enjoyed the time we spend with them!

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