San Diego – Steff’s Parents Visit – Part One

June 23, 2017 - by Steffanie
La Jolla Beach

We arrived in to the KOA in Chula Vista, CA on Sunday, March 19th. My parents were coming to visit that Wednesday, so we took those first few day before they got there to relax. It was a good thing we did because once they got there, we were constantly on the move. We did way more sight seeing and tourist stuff than we probably would have done otherwise and had a great time!

San Diego Airport

On Wednesday night, we picked my parents up from the San Diego airport. Their bag had gotten onto a different plane (gotta love air travel!). Luckily, it was just an hour behind, so we just waited at the airport for it to arrive. It’s never fun not have your luggage with you when you land, but it gave us some time to catch up will we waited.

George's La Jolla Cove

Mid-morning on Thursday, Mom, Dad, and I took an Uber to La Jolla Beach. We had a leisurely lunch at George’s on the Cove, a restaurant that one of my mom’s co-workers had recommended. We sat on the Ocean Terrace and enjoyed the ocean breeze and great views of the water.

Sea Lion in La Jolla Cove

After lunch, we headed down by the water to see the sea lions. It was cool to be that close to them, but it’s important to respect their space. Some people didn’t heed the posted warnings and got too close. The sea lions let them know that they did not appreciate it!

La Jolla Cove Smell

What you can’t see in from the pictures is the stinky sea loin smell!

La Jolla Cove

We spend some time in La Jolla Cove putting our feet in the sand and climbing out on the rocks. It was a perfect, beautiful sunny day!

La Jolla Cove Walk

When we had enough time there, we decided to walk to walk to La Jolla Shores. It was about a one and half mile walk. The first part of the walk was a really nice path above the water. Then, we had to walk along the busy Torrey Pines Road for a while, at that point we kind of wondered what we had gotten ourselves into. The walk seemed much further than we thought it would be. Once we got off the main road and through a neighborhood, we finally made it to La Jolla Shores.

La Jolla Shores

Ice cream was the first order of business. Then, we went down to the beach, relaxed, and did some people watching before taking an Uber back to the KOA.

San Diego Zoo

The next day, we went to the San Diego Zoo. This time Mike was able to join us as well. We saw wildlife before even entering the zoo, when this little hummingbird came to drink from the flowers right outside the gate.

San Diego Zoo

Admission to the zoo was $52 a person. That seemed really high to us. We were used to visiting the Saint Louis Zoom, which has free admission and is a really great zoo. They do have a membership rate of $160 for two adults in the same household, which is reasonable if you live in the area. I always feel a little guilty going to zoos and seeing animals in cages. However, a really like San Diego Zoo’s mission statement: “San Diego Zoo Global is committed to saving species worldwide by uniting our expertise in animal care and conservation science with our dedication to inspiring passion for nature.”

San Diego Zoo Skyfari

We had a great time walking around and watching the animals. The Skyfari aerial tram ride is included in the price of admission. We took it a couple times to get back and forth across the 100 acre zoo.

Little Italy San Diego

The evening, we checked out the Little Italy district. Our first stop was Bolt Brewery. Then, we walked down the street to eat dinner at Filippi’s Pizza Grotto. The line to be seated was out the door, so we figured it had to be good. It seemed like a place that had been there forever and hadn’t changed much. The pizza was good. The service was average at best, but nothing to complain about. Overall, it was a pretty great day!

USS Midway San Diego

Day three started with a trip downtown to see the U.S.S. Midway. The U.S.S. Midway was America’s longest-serving aircraft carrier of the 20th century, from 1945 to 1992 and is now a naval museum. The ship is huge! We were there for almost five hours and still didn’t see all of it.

USS Midway San Diego

We started on the aircraft carrier deck by checking out the extensive collection of aircraft and feeling the breeze from the San Diego Bay. We sat and listened to a retired navy pilot explain how the planes were launched off the ship. Then, we headed below deck to take the self-guided tour. We lost my parents and didn’t meet back up with them again until it was almost closing time!

Seaport Village San Diego

After leaving the U.S.S. Midway, we walked along the water and through Seaport Village into the Gaslamp Quarter.

Gaslamp Quarter San Deigo

We stopped in an Irish pub on 4th Street called Dublin Square for a drink and an appetizer platter. Then, continued our little food tour one street over to 5th Street at a Mexican place called Don Chido for dinner. Next, we took a short Uber ride to a place our brother-in-law had recommended to us called Extraordinary Desserts.

Extraordinary Desserts San Diego

It was the highlight of the night! The place was packed and there was about a half an hour wait, but it was worth it! It’s definitely a “treat yo self” kind of place not somewhere you would go every day. The desserts are around $10 a piece, but again, worth it. Look how pretty they are! Almost too pretty to eat…almost.

We did so much already and that was just the first three days! Read our next post to find out what we did the following days.

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