San Diego – More Fun

June 23, 2017 - by Steffanie
on a boat in San Diego

After my parent’s left we had seen a lot of San Diego, but naturally we didn’t just sit at home in the RV. We had more explorin’ to do.

Balboa Park San Diego

We love meeting up with people we know in different cities, so when Mike remembered that a college acquaintance lived in San Diego, he reached out to see if he wanted to get together. We met John and his cute daughter, Sophia at Balboa Park. We walked around the park catching up with him. It’s really great area of the city containing gardens, walking paths, museums, theaters, and the San Diego Zoo. We had gone to the zoo with my parents’ but we hadn’t explored the rest of the park. We really enjoyed going into the Botanical Building. Some of the other sections of the park have an admission, but the Botanical Building is free to the public.

Mitch's Seafood Restaurant San Diego

After a little walk around Balboa Park, we ate lunch at a restaurant called Mitch’s Seafood that John recommended. It’s a little spot on the working waterfront with a view of the fishing boats. It’s a simple place where you go up to a counter and order locally caught seafood. We sat outside and felt the breeze coming off the sea as we munched on our fish and fries. It was perfect!

Stone Brewery San Diego

Next, we moved on to Stone Brewery, they have a really nice, large outside beer garden. We had a beer and Sophia had a bottle before we parted ways.

RV Friends Oceanside San Diego

Catching up with old friends in fun, and so is making new RV friends! We followed fellow travelers Mortons of the Move on Instagram and learned that they would be in San Diego at the same time as us. We arranged to meet up at South Beach Bar and Grille in Ocean Beach.

Oceanside Sunset San Diego

It was great getting to know Caitlin and Tom. Watching the sun set over the water was a bonus!

Whale Watching San Diego

The next day was our final full day in San Diego. We had vouchers from the whale watching cruise we went on with my parents since we didn’t see any whales or dolphins that day. We decided that we would try our luck again before we left. The sea was no where close to as rough as the first time we went out, but I took some dramamine this time, just in case.

Whale Watching San Diego

There she blows! We spotted a few gray whales! We didn’t get to see much more than their dorsal fin, but that was better than nothing.

Whale Watching San Diego

We also got to see hundreds of dolphins! They were really fun to watch. It was a great way to wrap up our time in San Diego. We can’t wait to get back to the ocean again.

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