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More Fun in Tucson, Arizona

May 27, 2017 - by Steffanie

Looking back, we did so much while in Tucson! Not only was Mike’s mom was there for 5 fun-filled days, we got to meet up with several other full-time RV couples, drove up to Mount Lemmon for some night photography, visited Saguaro National Park a second time, and more. It seems more like we were there for two months not two weeks!

Meeting other full-time RVers is one of unexpected pleasures of life on the road. When we got to Diamond J RV Park, we were greeted by Wes and Michelle. It was a surprise to be parked next to another couple our age – usually our neighbors are at least 30 years older! Even more of a coincidence is the fact that they are from St. Louis, where Mike and I lived for 8 years. It was awesome to meet them! One evening, we went out to Barrio Brewing Co. where they introduced us to another full-time RV couple, Steve and Courtney.

That wasn’t the only time we met up with other RVers in Tucson. We also got to hang out with Rachel and Chris, who we hang out with before in Texas, along with two other couples – Jennifer and Dees and Danielle and Sean. Breweries and RVers seem to a theme, because this time we met up at Dragoon Brewing Co.

More of the more unique things we did in Tucson was visit Mount Lemmon at night. Mike’s cousin, Don and his girlfriend, Danae drove down from Phoenix and the four of us headed up the mountain.

We brought our cameras along for a little night photography. There was still snow up there and it was a little chilly, but we had a blast shooting the stars and doing some light painting. Here are some of my favorite shots from the night:

We would have loved to see the views during the day as well. Maybe next time.

We also went into Saguaro National Park a second time. The park is divided into two parts. One section is on the west side of Tucson, near where we were staying. The other part is across town on the east side of Tucson. This time, we visited Saguaro East.

We hiked the Loma Verde Trail. The east side of the park seemed to be a little greener than the other side. It could have been the difference between being a week later in the spring or maybe there is just a higher water table on there.

We saw a bunch of different flowers. It is such a treat to see the desert in bloom!

We also saw some wildlife. Spotting this crazy looking jack rabbit was definitely the highlight of the hike. It was almost comical how long his legs and ears were!

Our time in Tucson wasn’t all fun and games though. It’s great to we get to do so much sight seeing all the time, but we also have to deal with real life adult things. And nothing says adulting like taxes. 🙁 We have our mail sent to my parents’ house. My mom set aside all of our tax stuff and sent it to us all at once. (Shout out to my mom for helping us out so much by dealing with all of our mail!) We took the paper work to the public library in Tucson to scanned it all to send to our tax lady. So, that’s how we deal with that on the road, it case anyone was wondering. Fun stuff, right?

I think it’s safe to say that we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in Tucson, Arizona. (You know, except for the tax stuff.) We did so much, and there would be no shortage of things to do if we ever made it back there. Springtime in the desert is the best. We would highly recommend it!

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