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Go Cubs Go! Spring Training Game in Mesa, AZ

May 25, 2017 - by Steffanie
At Sloan Park Cubs Spring Training

After New Mexico, we made our way to Tucson, Arizona for a two week stay. On March 4th, it was Mike’s birthday. Mike is a life-long Cubs fan so taking the two-hour drive to Mesa for a Spring Training game was the perfect way for him to spend the day. (You can read about that time we went a World Series game in Chicago here.) As a bonus, his mom, Mary flew in from Chicago to Phoenix to spend some time with us.

Mike also has family who live in the Phoenix area.  His cousin, Don and his girlfriend, Danae joined us at the game.  It was great to have their company as well. Two of Don’s sisters, Amy and Kathy, who also live in the area unfortunately could not make it to the game with us. I wanted to mention them as a thanks for letting us park in the driveway at Amy’s house, just a short walk from the stadium.  The weather was great, you can’t beat hot and sunny weather to enjoy a ball game. It was the perfect day for sitting in the lawn, eating some ballpark food, and drinking a couple beers.

The Cubs ended up winning the game 9-3 against the Dodgers. Admittedly, we were not glued to the action since we had plenty of catching up to do with everyone. Although, there were some pretty exciting highlights from the game that we didn’t miss, including a grand slam by Kris Bryant. The excitement and energy, even for a spring training game, was in the air. You can definitely tell that all the Cubs fans, including Mike, are still on such a high from last years World Series Championship. Unfortunately, as a result of the teams success, we also paid a premium for tickets to this game.

After the game, we visited Don’s house for a while before going out dinner at Macayo’s Mexican Restaurant. One of Mike’s favorite things is margaritas with chips and salsa, so this was a great recommendation from Don. (He already eaten one of his other favorite foods, Chicago-style stuffed pizza, at the game). We spent the rest of the evening continuing to catch up and swapped photography tips and travel stories. We also made plans for Don and Danae to come down to the Tucson area for a night time trip up to Mt. Lemmon.

After dinner, we parted company with Don and Danae. Mike’s Mom came with us as we headed back down to Tucson. The Cubs game would be just the first experience we had with her while she visited us to see what full-time RV life is all about

  • Sarah Granberry Rooney

    Go cubbies! Enjoying your fun on the road vicariously!!

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