Marching for Women’s Rights and Seeing the Sites in Austin

March 11, 2017 - by Steffanie

We were in the Austin, Texas area for a whole month, which is longer than we normally spend in one place, but there was so much to see and do. On Saturday, January 21st, we went all over Austin. We spend the morning downtown and the afternoon and evening to the northwest taking in some of the beautiful views that the city has to offer.


First on the agenda was participating the the Women’s March downtown. We got up and headed out around 9:45 a.m. Our plan was to park at a bus station outside the downtown area and take the bus to the Capitol Building where the March was starting at noon. We drove to the bus station at the corner of Lamar Boulevard and Guadalupe Street. However, we did not anticipate just how many people would have the same idea. Bus after bus went by and all were full of people heading downtown so they didn’t stop. Finally after an hour or so, just when we were about to give up and start walking the 5 miles to the Capitol Building, a half empty bus stopped and we got on.


We finally made it downtown a little before noon. When we got off the bus and walked to the Capitol Building grounds, there was a electric energy in the air. Thousands of people, women and men, were gathered. It was fun to check out all the signs that people were carrying. The sign game was strong in Austin.


We waited around the grounds for a while, and then slowly started making our way through an opening in the fence and onto the street. Despite the overwhelmingly large crowd, there wasn’t too much pushing and shoving, and everyone was peaceful and friendly.


You could feel the enthusiasm as we marched through the streets. It was awesome to be a part of something so powerful, but also so peaceful. Early estimates figured there were about 40,000 people at the March, but later estimates suggested there could have been as many as 100,000 people who came together in Austin in support of human rights.

There were a total of 673 Women’s Marches around the world that day – almost 5 million people! We understand that not everyone has the same political viewpoints, but you have to admit that that many people coming together peacefully in support of a common goal is pretty amazing!


After completing the loop around the downtown area, we opted to head out instead of sticking around for the speakers and other events. As amazing of an event it was, we wanted to take advantage of as much of Austin while we could. We took the bus back to the truck and drove about 5 miles northwest to Mount Bonnell.


Mount Bonnell is the one of the highest points in Austin and offers great views of the city and the Lake Austin portion of the Colorado River. We parked and walked up the stairway to the top. It was a beautiful day, and so a lot of people were hanging out there, but not so many that it was too crowded and unenjoyable.


We walked down the short trail at the top and found a quiet spot to take in the views. We hung out there for about an hour before continuing on to our next stop, another place with great views – The Oasis.


We were meeting our friends, Jeff and Alla, for dinner. They choose the Oasis for it’s beautiful views of Lake Travis. We got there early, so we put our name in for a table on the patio. We didn’t have to wait long before our name was called. We got some drinks and chips and salsa while we waited for our friends to arrive. Unfortunately, as soon as they got there, it started to downpour, so we had to move inside, and didn’t get the beautiful sunset we were hoping to see. The food was ok, but the real reason to go there is for the views. Still, the company and conversation were a great way to end the day.

I posted several pictures of our day out in Austin on Instagram throughout the day. My favorite comment on one of the photos pretty much sums it up: “You guys Austin’ed the crap of that day!”

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