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Caverns of Sonora

March 16, 2017 - by Steffanie

After staying in the Austin area for a month, it was time to move on. We were headed to Big Bend National Park, but it was a long drive, so we had planned a one night stop in Sonora, Texas.


We had a bit of trouble on the way there. About 45 minutes after leaving San Marcos, the truck began to shake. We weren’t sure if there was a problem with the truck or if it was something was wrong with the trailer, but we knew something was off. So just northwest of San Antonio, we pulled off the interstate to figure it out. Eventually, we made our way to Lester’s Automotive Center in Boerne, TX. They checked over the trailer and then the truck and found one of the tires on the truck had a big bulge in it. Not ideal, but at least it was an easy fix.


In was Saturday afternoon and they were closing for the weekend soon, but everyone there was super friendly and helpful. They let us know that they didn’t have the exact tires that we had on the truck in stock, but they did have a tire that was one inch taller. That meant that we could wait until Monday for them to order the tires we needed, or we could replace all four with the taller tires. We didn’t want to wait until Monday, and we needed new tires anyway, so we bit the bullet and purchased four new tires. They got them all switched out, and we were on the road again.


We finally pulled into Sonora Caverns RV Park just after 6 p.m. They had just closed but someone was still there to tell us where to park. It was just a parking lot behind the Sonora Caverns gift shop, but it had water and electric hookups and worked just fine for the night.


They had a feeder setup for the deer and since it was dusk, dozens had come to eat. It was really cool to watch all of them. There were also peacocks on the property, which are always pretty to see.


In the morning, we got up to take the cave tour before heading on to Big Bend. We went into the gift shop around 9 a.m. and bought our tickets for the 9:45 tour. We considered skipping the cave since we wanted to get on the road, but figured that since we were there, we may as well do the tour.


The guided tour lasted about 2 hours. Our guide, Bill, said that this cave is the most beautiful show cave he has ever been in. He is the founder of the National Speleological Society and his been in 400-500 caves in his life, so that is really saying something!


It was beautiful! Once you got down in the cave, there were calcite crystal formations everywhere. It was very tempting to want to touch them, but of course that is strictly forbidden. So we just looked with our eyes instead. We also found out that our new Canon G5X is extremely good in low light situations, and we got some great photos.


One of my favorite parts of the tour was when the guide turned out all the lights and had us just sit in complete darkness and listen to the cave. It turns out sitting in silence is quite difficult for some people. Even though our group was just 12 people, it was nearly impossible get everyone to be quiet at once.


Around 11:45, we emerged from the cave, and packed up our trailer to get on the road. Although we got a later start on our next leg of the trip, I’m so glad that we decided to stay and experience Sonora Caverns. They were truly amazing! It will be hard to be as impressed with any other cave tour in the future!

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