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News Year’s Eve in Austin, TX

February 7, 2017 - by Steffanie

On December 30th, we moved from Galveston to San Marcos, TX which is just south of Austin. Our friends Melissa and Bram were in the area visiting Melissa’s brother, so we had planned to meet up with them for New Year’s Eve.


We started the night out with dinner at Lucky Robot, a Japanese Restaurant on South Congress Street. It was a cool spot, and it wasn’t super crowded like a lot of other restaurants on New Year’s Eve. We ate sushi and toasted to the new year with sake.


After dinner, we wanted to check out Sixth Street. We decided to just walk there since we had taken a ride share service to the restaurant and didn’t feel like finding another form of transportation to go just over a mile. It was a nice walk with the Austin skyline in view the whole time. I just wish I would have worn flats!


We walked the Sixth Street strip of bars. It wasn’t too late yet, but there was already some good people watching. We went into one bar, but it was loud and crowded and really not our scene, so we moved on. (That’s how I know we are getting old!) We ended up settling down for a drink at a bar in between Sixth and Seventh streets to give my feet a rest. We drank our cocktails and beers and listened to a pretty awful cover band before moving on.


Next, we walked to the Rainey Street District, another mile walk. Rainey Street is a row of historic bungalow style homes that have been converted to bars and restaurants. This area was much more of our type of place. We stopped in a bar called Craft Pride for a beer. It was nice to sit outside under some string lights. We were enjoying the company and chatting it up. Before long, we realized it was almost midnight.


We decided to go to another bar and walked around the corner onto a patio where a band was playing. It ended up just being another part of the same bar! Since it was almost midnight, we stayed there and enjoyed the band. At midnight, someone shot fireworks from an apartment balcony above us, which was pretty unsafe, but fun to watch.


After midnight, we continued down the street for the highlight of the night – donuts! We ate our food truck donuts and basked in the ambience of the New Year, which mostly consisted of firework smoke lingering in the air and the buzz of tipsy people walking the street.

We stopped into one more bar – a cocktail bar called Half Step. A live Jazz band was playing and it had great energy. After that, we began our journey back to the Airbnb that Melissa and Bram where staying at.

The Metro Bus was giving free rides that night, so that was our plan to get home. It turned into somewhat of an adventure when we somehow lost Bram and Steven (Melissa’s brother) for a while. We finally met back up with them, then searched of the bus stop. By Mike’s great navigation skills, we found the right bus stop and waited about half hour for the bus. It was nice to share some final moments with our friends before we went our separate ways.


I’m really glad that it worked out for us to meet up with our friends. It was the perfect way to ring in the new year! Cheers to 2017!

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