Galveston, Texas

January 18, 2017 - by Steffanie

We arrived in Galveston, Texas on a Sunday, December 11th.  We worked during the day all week, so Saturday, December 17 was our first full day to explore.


We decided to take the ferry from Galveston Island to the Bolivar Peninsula that morning. It is a free ferry, so we thought it would be fun to ride it across and hopefully see some dolphins in the bay.


We drove from Jamaica Beach RV Park where we were staying to the northern end of the island where the ferry crosses the bay. It’s a nice little half hour drive along the seawall. We were able to drive right on the ferry without much of a wait. After we parked the truck, we got out to enjoy the ride from the front of the boat. It didn’t take long to spot some dolphins!


It was a short ride to Port Bolivar, maybe 20 minutes. There isn’t much to do there, except for Fort Travis Seashore Park, where you can see the remains of an old military bunker. We didn’t care though, we were just out to enjoy the windy 75 degree December day. We walked around the park trying not to step on the numerous fire ant mounds, and messed around in the spooky old bunker.


When we were ready to go back to Galveston, the wait to get on the ferry was much longer, almost an hour and a half! Apparently, there are a lot more people who want to get on the island than there are who want to leave it.


When we finally got back to Galveston it was after 1:00, and we were starving. We drove to the old historical district called The Strand. We found a spot to park on the street and walked towards the water. We ate at a restaurant called Willie G’s that was located right on the bay where the cruise ships dock. We opted to sit out on the patio. The food there was delicious!


After a late lunch, we walked up and down the Strand stopping in shops along the way. At La King’s Confectionary we got to watch as they made Salt Water Taffy.


It was cool to see the process and watch the machine cut and wrap each candy. The “Taffyman” pulled freshly wrapped pieces of taffy off the machine and threw them to the audience to sample. You had to be paying attention or you might get a piece of taffy in the face!


That evening, we went to see Star Wars – Rogue One. It was a relaxing way to end a fun day.

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