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Go Cubs! Game 5 of the World Series

December 5, 2016 - by Steffanie

Like every life-long Cubs fan out there, Mike has dreamed of watching the Cubs play a World Series game at Wrigley field. This October after they won the NLCS division series, he got on the Wrigley Rooftops website immediately and refreshed over and over until tickets went on sale. We happened to be out at a bar in St. Louis with some friends at the time, but he pulled me aside and pleaded his case buy these tickets. I thought the price seemed a bit crazy for a baseball game, but I could not crush his dream – and just like that – we were going to Game 5.

cubsgame5-2-940x620On Sunday, October 30th, we took the “L” from Skokie, IL, near were Mike’s mom lives down to the Addison stop near Wrigley. We were pleasantly surprised to find that Mike’s cousins Lynda and Kathy were taking the same train. It was awesome to have some time to catch up with them.

cubsgame5-1-940x620When we got down to Wrigleyville, we walked around the stadium taking in the nervous and excited electricity in the air. The Cubs were down in the series 3 games to 1 and had yet to win a World Series game at Wrigley since 1945. Everyone was ready for that night to be the night! We took a few pictures in front of the marquee before heading down Sheffield Avenue to get in line for our rooftop seats.

cubsgame5-4-940x620The rooftops are all open bleacher seating that is first come, first served. So we wanted to get there early and wait inline so we could get a good spot. Mike had actually bought 4 tickets and sold two of them to a guy he went to high school with, Kevin and his friend Burt. We all got to the line about 4:00 pm and waited anxiously to get into the building. Around 5:45, the gates opened and we went through a security check. We got our lanyards and raced with excitement up the stairs.


We were happy with the seats we got. Food and beer were included in the rooftop ticket price, so we stocked up on both before the game started at 7:00. I loved seeing how happy Mike was to be there!


The game was great. Mike watched with nervous anticipation and was loving every minute of it. Even though wouldn’t even really consider myself a baseball fan, I was happy to be there experiencing history and having a great time as well. Cleveland scored first, but a three-run fourth inning led off by a solo home run by Kris Bryant was enough to keep the Cubs ahead. As the Cubs worked through the top of the 9th inning, we all started to get excited that the series would continue in Cleveland for at least one more game.


The crowd erupted as the Cubs won 3-2 over the Indians! We stayed up on the rooftop basking in the energy as long as we could until we were told it was time to leave.


We walked down the street, where everyone was high-fiving each other and in an ecstatic mood. We hung out behind the Fox Sports booth for a while, people watching and just taking it all in.

cubsgame5-8-940x620 Right before we took the train home, we saw my friend, Dimitri, from college selling t-shirts on the corner (  It’s always good to see a familiar face, and get a couple of fun t-shirts too! The train on the way back to Skokie was full of excited and relieved Cubs fans.

Chicago Style Hotdogs

The next day, we headed back to our RV which was parked in St. Louis. While in Chicago, Mike made sure to stock up on some supplies for watching the next two games, including Chicago Style Hotdogs and Old Style Beer.  Game 7 was a nail biter, but we both jumped around in celebration after the Cubs finally won it all.

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