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RV Park Review – Canoe River Campground, Mansfield, MA

October 10, 2016 - by Michael
Canoe River Campground

With so much to do in the Boston area, we planned to stay in the area for three weeks. It seemed that Canoe River Campground had all the amenities that we would want. We should have done a lot more research, because this campground was not what we had hoped for. It is one of the more affordable RV parks near Boston, but I suppose you get what you pay for. Initially we thought we might pack up and find a new campground, but we opted to stick it out.  The location in Mansfield, MA was fairly conveniently located, we found it pretty easy to get around from there.

Pond at Canoe River Campground

Canoe River is a very large campground on a wooded lot surrounding a “Pond.” It did not take us long to realize that there were a large number of people living at this park full time. Many of the residents sites were quite a mess. From kids toys to garbage it was probably laying around. Some had so much stuff at their sites that they had storage sheds set up. Our spot was fortunately nestled into a fairly quiet corner, but it was amongst many of the resident campers.

Canoe River Campground - Campsite

The amenities included a pool and laundry facilities. We would have probably liked to use the pool, but the times we may have taken a swim it was very crowded. The laundry facilites were not clean and were very dated. Fortunately, for us we were able to spend our free time outside the park, sightseeing.

Canoe River Campground - Pool

Canoe River describes itself as “family friendly,” so we anticipated some kids running around. Most days were quiet, but there were a few days when we heard a child screaming non stop. It does seem like this campground may be fun for kids, but since we still work during the day, it became a little bit distracting.

Even with the affordable price, we would not recommend this RV park. It may cost more, or you may have to stay further from Boston. I have to believe that there would be a much better choice than Canoe River. We will make sure to do better research in the future.

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