A Relaxing Day on Cape Cod

October 4, 2016 - by Steffanie
Cape Cod

While in Massachusetts, we got to see so much! One of the areas we were hoping to get to was Cape Cod. As luck would have it, my roommate from studying abroad in Italy, Monique, was going to be visiting a friend on Cape Cod the day before we left Massachusetts and asked us if we would like to come along. Of course we did!


That Sunday, September 4, we drove the hour to Sandwich, MA where Monique’s friend Eric’s family was renting a home for the week. The little cottage was located right on the cape overlooking the water. Such a gorgeous view! Tropical Storm Hermine was off the coast, so rain was in the forecast. However, it ending up being a beautiful day. The weather was windy, but sunny and warm.


We sat outside on the deck chatting with Eric’s family, who were so welcoming and friendly. After a while, Monique, Eric, Mike and I went for a walk along the water. We had brought our swimming suits, but the water was kind of rough from the storm and also pretty cold.


After our walk, we went back to the house and relaxed on the deck for a few more hours drinking some beer and snacking on cheese and crackers. In the evening, we ordered pizza from Sandwich Pizza Place and made a “packy” run. (Packy is Massachusetts slang for liquor store.) We ate some New York style pizza and said our goodbyes around 8 to head back to the campground.


I am so happy that we were able to spend time with Monique not once, not twice, but three times! It was it so nice of Eric and his family to welcome us into their home. The whole day was just really relaxing. A great end to our time in Massachusetts.

In other news of the day, our niece, little miss Scarlett James was welcomed to the world by my sister Colee and her husband T.J.! It was so fun getting all the pictures of her on my phone throughout the afternoon! She is such a doll!

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