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Sightseeing in Boston

September 15, 2016 - by Michael
Views of Boston from Pemberton Point

We made three separate trips into Boston. From our campground in Mansfield the drive could range from forty five minutes to an hour. Even before we made it into the city, we were treated to views of the Boston skyline when we took a drive out to Pemberton Point in Hull on our first weekend in Massachusetts.

Outside Mr. Dooley's in Boston, MA

Our first trip into Boston was to meet up with Steffanie’s roommate, Monique, from when she studied abroad in Florence, Italy. It was a Friday night so we were a little anxious about driving the big truck into the city, but we managed to find street parking just a couple blocks from our meeting spot pretty easily. We had dinner and a drink at an Irish pub called Mr. Dooley’s. It was pretty much what you’d expect from an Irish pub in Boston. Definitely had the traditional look, and there was an Irish band playing. It was a little loud, so that made it difficult for Steffanie to catch up with her friend. We ate our dinner and walked to another bar at the InterContinental Hotel. After a couple more drinks and conversation, Monique gave us a tour of the Boston Harborwalk and the North End, a traditionally Italian neighborhood. The walk through the North End was pretty interesting. There were many restaurants and the nightlife was very active. We didn’t make any stops, but it was good people watching. We finished the night at one more bar, the Granary, before we said goodbye for the night.

U.S.S. Constitution in Dry Dock

On our second trip into the city we planned to see some historic sites that are a part of the Boston National Historic Park. We visited two historic ships, and Bunker Hill. I was very excited to see the U.S.S. Constitution, the oldest commissioned warship still in service.

Steff taking the wheel, aboard the U.S.S. Constitution

Steff was a little skeptical about seeing an old boat, but she came around to how cool it is once she was on board. Since it is undergoing restoration, the masts and rigging have been taken down, but it still was very impressive.

Mike etching his name into the copper for the hull of the U.S.S. Constitution

The highlight for me was when we got to etch our names into the new sheets of copper that will be installed on the ship’s hull. Also at the Boston Navy Yard is the U.S.S. Cassin Young, a destroyer that served in World War II and Korea. We didn’t spend too much time aboard that ship, but it was very interesting to see its large guns, as well as some areas like the captain’s quarters, the galley, and the communications center.

U.S.S. Cassin Young

From there, we walked up to Bunker Hill, to see the obelisk marking one of the first major battles of the Revolutionary War. Steff relaxed on the lawn while I made the climb to the top. It doesn’t look that tall from the ground, but it was an exhausting climb up 294 steps. Although it was pretty crowded at the top, I was treated to some nice views of Boston.

Monument at Bunker Hill - Boston, MA

Views of Boston from the Bunker Hill Monument

On our way home, we needed to make a bathroom stop, and took an exit off the interstate to find a McDonald’s in Dorchester. We noticed there was a interesting looking pub across the street called Eire Pub. After the long day on our feet we were ready for a pint, so we headed in. We walked into an unassuming local bar.  It turns out that it is actually a fairly well known pub that frequently gets visits from politicians, celebrities, and athletes. We enjoyed our pints of Guinness and headed home.

Eire Pub - Dorchester, MA

You can read about our third trip into Boston for a Red Sox Game Here.

We certainly enjoyed the historical sites in Boston, and its location on the coast makes parts of it very scenic. The best part for us was getting to connect with Steffanie’s friend, Monique, who we went on to meet up with again at the Red Sox game, and out on Cape Cod.

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