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Football and Baseball Games in Boston

September 17, 2016 - by Michael
View from the Bleachers at Fenway Park in Boston

While staying near Boston we got to see both a New England Patriots game and a Boston Red Sox game. It was good fortune that my hometown football team, the Bears were in town during our stay. The real highlight of the sporting events we went to was our visit to Fenway Park.

Bears vs. Patiots at Gillete Stadium - Foxboro, MA

I was excited that the Chicago Bears would be in New England for a preseason game during our stay. Even though it was just a preseason game there was a pretty big crowd and plenty of traffic on the way to the game. Our seats were on the 300 level on the Bears sideline, and offered great views of the entire field.

Gillete Stadum

The Bears came on strong early, but ultimately lost to the Patriots. During the game we shared a pretzel and had a couple of beers. I expected the New England fans to be a little more rowdy, but I suppose I will give them a pass since it was the preseason. There was, however, no shortage of people who were members of the Tom Brady cult. It was beautiful night  for a ball game under a full moon.

Monique, Steff, and Mike at Fenway Park

I knew before we left on this trip that making it to Fenway Park would be very high on my list of things to do in Boston. A visit to to the oldest ballpark in the MLB was definitely a bucket list item. We opted to go for a Monday night game to try and keep this outing as affordable as possible. We also saved a few bucks by parking a little bit further away at the Museum of Fine Arts and walked through the Fens to get there. Steff’s friend Monique joined us, and we had some great seats in the bleachers.

Views from the Bleachers at Fenway Park - Boston, MA

Television and the movies don’t do that park any justice. It has so much character and it felt like such a treat to see a game there. We took a break halfway through the game to get a bite to eat. I was extremely surprised to find out you can get a whole pizza there for around $25. It wasn’t the best pizza I have ever had, but to feed the three of us, it was a pretty good value for ballpark food. Again, I had expected the Boston fans to be a bit more rowdy, but it was a Monday night. We stayed until the end and saw the Red Sox win  9-4 over the Rays.

I think if the Bears weren’t in town visiting Gillette stadium would be a take it or leave it choice. If you are planning a trip to the Boston area during baseball season, visiting Fenway should be a must see, even if you aren’t a baseball fan. I am hoping I make it back there for another game sometime soon.

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