Exploring Maine’s Midcoast

August 16, 2016 - by Steffanie

We really enjoyed our time in Maine, and it went by too fast. Anyone who hasn’t been, should really consider a trip to the easternmost state in the United States. We’ve posted about our trips to Acadia National Park, but we did much more in our two weeks there.

The campground we stayed at, Moorings Oceanview RV Resort, is located right outside the cute little coastal town of Belfast. A few times a week, we went into the town to do errands, eat dinner, or just explore. They have a nice paved walkway called the Harbor Walk that goes along the water and over a bridge. We did that one night around sunset and it was really nice.

Our time in Maine happened to coincide with the Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland, so we took the 45 minute drive south to check it out. We stopped in Camden, another little adorable harbor town, on the way. We didn’t stay there too long, just long enough to walk around downtown and get lunch at Harbor Dogs, where Mike got the Chicago Style Dog and I had the most delicious crab and avocado quesadilla. Since we had just eaten in Camden, we actually didn’t even get any lobster at the Lobster Fest. We did enjoy watching the Lobster Crate Race. They set up 50 lobster crates from dock to dock and people try their luck and skill going back and forth across them – much more difficult than it sounds!

One of the other highlights was going to Young’s Lobster Pound. Being from the Midwest, we had no idea what a lobster pound was and were glad a couple at the RV park tipped us off to this place. They explained that you go there and order your fresh lobster and eat it on picnic tables outside the restaurant (or take it to go). We ended up going there on a Tuesday night and brought our bottle of wine as the couple suggested. We ordered our lobster and went to scope out a place to sit out on the deck. We ended up sitting next to some friendly people who lived nearby and had some great conversation with them. The sun was setting and it was beautiful to look out over the water. We also discovered that Mike really doesn’t care for lobster all that much ;).

As much as we love each others company it was nice to talk with the people at our table at Young’s. It was also nice to meet Alex and Lisa of 2People1Life. I had followed them for a while on social media because they traveled in their camper van for 5 years having over 70 marriage ceremonies in different countries around the world. They are from England but they ended up settling down in Maine last November. I reached out to them on Facebook for recommendations of things to do in the area. They ended up inviting us over for dinner and drinks! We accepted their invitation and had a wonderful evening with them and their friends Ron and Lacey. We talked about travel, food, and family and just generally had a good time until late in the evening.

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