Update on the Cats

July 8, 2016 - by Michael
Cat by a No Dogs Allowed Sign

Way back before we started this adventure we were constantly concerned about how our cats would fit into this lifestyle. I have had them for over ten years now, 8 of those have been since Steffanie and I have been together. They are a part of our family, so of course we decided they would come with us. That was the intention up until about a month before we were set to leave Saint Louis.

Unfortunately, over the last couple years, with the cats getting older, they have stopped getting along like they used to. It all started to go wrong between them about two years ago when Buddy had some serious medical issues. We had to keep them separated in order to keep fights from breaking out. As Buddy’s health improved, and with the guidance of the vet, we tried to reintroduce them to each other. Nothing worked, and we had to make a heartbreaking decision to separate them on a more permanent basis. We couldn’t see a way forward with both cats in the trailer if they couldn’t even be in the same room as each other for 5 minutes without a big scrap happening.

How could we possibly decide which cat would stay with us and which would be re-homed? It wasn’t easy, but we decided that since Babe never had any medical issues, it would be easiest to find a new home for him. We set out to find someone we know and trust to take him. The problem was that since Babe & Buddy weren’t getting along we hoped to find someone with no pets. We found out it is a pretty tall order to find someone who loves cats, who doesn’t already have at least one. We posted on facebook and reached out to family members and close friends.

I was really happy when my old college roommate was interested in giving Babe a new home. Shawnee is a animal lover and long time cat owner. We hoped that her younger 2 year old cat would like the rough play that Babe may be able to provide. So we gave it a try. It didn’t take long to realize that neither Babe, or her cat were interested in play, and were fighting the same way our two had been all along. We were unfortunately back to square one, but she agreed to take care of him until we found another option.

Steffanie’s cousin, Rachel and her husband Brian, stepped up and said they would like to give it a try and watch him on a temporary basis until we are settled back down. This time it is a house with no other pets. Babe has been there for just a week or so, but we think he will love their big old house. There is tons of room and lots of large windows for him to sit in. Another great thing about them taking Babe is that they live in Steffanie’s hometown not far from her parents, so we will be able to see him whenever we are in town. We will have another update on Babe once he settles in with them a little more.

Meanwhile, Buddy settled right into the trailer, and is enjoying life as a RV cat. Most weekdays he sits right next to Steffanie as she works. He has a few windows that he can sit in to keep an eye on all of the other campers. We have even been getting him out on the leash to walk around the campsite, or just sit out with us. He’s still working on his leash training, but we will get there. He is still healthy and seems pretty happy.

It has been emotionally trying to make sure both of our cats are happy and healthy. We think we made the right choice to separate them, and give them both a good quality of life with less stress. We miss Babe everyday, but we know he will be well taken care of. Buddy will have a lot more adventures with us to come.

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