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RV Park Review – St. Louis RV Park, Urban Camping

July 1, 2016 - by Michael

After we closed on our house, we stayed in St. Louis for about a month to finish some things up at work and spend extra time with our friends. We had a few options for RV parks in the St. Louis area, but ultimately decided on the St. Louis RV Park, located near downtown St. Louis. We arrived at this choice to stay near work, friends, and the opportunity to see some new sights in the city. This was our very first RV Park, so everything was new to us. Fortunately, the owners were very friendly and helpful. They helped us get the trailer hooked up and had some good advice for us newbies.

The campground itself is not much more than a parking lot, but there is a pool and nice deck with views of the city and the Gateway Arch. Additionally, the amenities include showers, restroom, and laundry facilities.  They did pride themselves on having clean facilities and lived up to their own hype. Even though the campground is showing its age, we were comfortable there. The biggest downside to staying in a paved lot in the city was how hot it got during our stay. Our A/C had to work overtime to keep us cool. This may be a better spot early in the spring, or later in the fall.

As far as the location goes, it is very convenient to get around the city from there. The interstate is nearby and it was easy to maneuver our trailer into the park. It is just a short drive to anything you’d want to do in the City of Saint Louis. It is not in the best neighborhood, but there isn’t much in the immediate vicinity anyway. Safety was never a concern since the park is gated off and there is a police station across the street.

We would recommend this RV park, and would stay there again.  The monthly rate was very reasonable, but the daily rate seemed a bit high. You can visit their website at

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