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RV Park Review – Mill Point RV Park, East Peoria, IL

July 24, 2016 - by Steffanie

We stayed in East Peoria, IL from June 26 – July 17. We chose Mill Point because it was on Escapees RV Club list of discounted parks. The Escapees literature listed it at $10 a night plus $3 a day for electric. When I called to reserve a spot, the owner answered the phone with a brash HELLO, making me think that maybe I had the wrong number. I was told the actual fee with the Escapees membership was $15 a day plus the $3 electric fee. $18 a night was still pretty reasonable so we decided to go for it despite his poor phone etiquette.

When we arrived, we had to call because there was no one around and there was no office to check in. We were finally greeted by a shirtless man on a golf cart holding a beer. He was friendly and showed us to our spot. The campground is located right on the Illinois River, specially Lake Peoria. However, we were not given a lake view spot although it looked like there were plenty available. We were told that those spots were for the people that would be coming in for the Fourth of July.

After Fourth of July weekend was over, we asked if we could move to the other side of the campground near the water. I really wanted to be able to see the lake while I worked during the day and watch the sunset over the water. Mike was indifferent and really didn’t want to move the trailer but agreed to because it was my birthday.

After moving, the lack of maintenance at the campground became apparent when we went to dump our sewer tanks. The sewage backed up and sprayed about 4 feet in the air. YUCK! Well, most RVers have at least one dump tank horror story, now we have ours. I called to notify the owner of the issue and was told he would send someone over to check it out. A couple days later, I called to see if it was taken care of so we could dump our tanks. I was told no one had looked at it yet. Next thing I know, there was heavy equipment involved. After two days of digging around our campsite, we were told they couldn’t fix the issue we had to move again!

Besides being located next to the river, Mill Point doesn’t have much going for it. The management is difficult to communicate with and the grounds are not well maintained. There was broken up cement and old tires everywhere. It really is a shame because it could be so much better. Long story short, we would not stay at there again, nor recommend it to anyone.

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