Our First Week –
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

June 8, 2016 - by Steffanie

It’s been a week since we closed on the house and began our migratory life. We didn’t migrate too far yet, though. We have moved just 30 minutes away to an RV park in downtown St. Louis. Who knew such a place even existed! Our new home for the month isn’t much more than a parking lot with hookups, but it is clean, has a laundry facility, and even has a pool! We will be staying here until the end of June to finish up some things at work, get in any last minute appointments, and of course, spend a little extra time with our friends.

We also thought it would be good for us to stick around a familiar area while getting settled into RV life. This week, we hooked up to a site for the first time and dumped the gray and black water tanks for the first time. The people here have been friendly and helpful to us RV newbies as we figure out how things work. We have also been learning the ins and outs of our Windjammer, such as how to work the shower, oven, stove, change the water filter, etc. Overall, I feel like we are starting to get a handle on the day-to-day flow of living in the RV.

This first week has not been without its struggles though. Mike had to drill a hole in the roof for the WifiRanger wire (a piece of technology to boost the Wifi signals around us and give us better internet). He needed to caulk around the area where the wire enters the trailer, but it was so rainy last week, that he wasn’t able to get up on the roof to get it properly sealed. Long story short, we were awoken at 5 o’clock Sunday morning to a torrential downpour and water coming into the trailer. Unfortunately, the water damaged the radio unit, and we were forced to buy a new one, setting as back a pretty penny.

I (Steff) have been working from home on and off for the past month as a remote trial for my company. Of course, my laptop picks this week to decide that it would no longer like to function properly. So, I’m back in the office until my new computer comes in, and we are out over two thousand bucks…just what we needed!

All that, paired with the little annoyances like the dealership selling us the wrong water filter, has made it quite the week. We knew that there would be things that would come up along the way, we were just hoping for a little relaxation for our first week! We did get to enjoy the RV park pool on Sunday and cooked our first meal in the trailer this week. So, it wasn’t all bad. We are looking forward to this weekend when things are all situated, and we have our first guests coming to visit!

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