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Purchasing Our RV

May 17, 2016 - by Steffanie


After scouring the internet for months, we finally found our new home on wheels!

Since we had a very specific make and model of used travel trailer in mind, we knew that we would most likely have to travel some distance to buy the one we wanted. For a while, we were looking at one all the way up in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin – about a 12 hour drive from Saint Louis. Then, at the last minute, we found a the perfect 2013 Rockwood Windjammer 3008W up in northern Iowa! While it was still more than a six hour drive, my cousin, Jessie just happens to live 45 minutes from the dealer!

Last Friday night, we headed up to pick up our new home. Unfortunately, Jessie and her family were out of town, so sadly we didn’t get to see them, but they graciously let us stay at their house. It was really nice to have a free place to stay!

First thing Saturday morning, we headed to Gansen Auto and RV Sales in Riceville, IA to see the Windjammer in person for the first time. Luckily, we liked her just as much in person as in the photos online. They gave us the newbie RV owner tour around the trailer, showing us all the switches and hookups.  After completing all the paperwork, we even got a lesson in pulling a trailer, something Mike or I have never done! We also stocked up on all things RV related – hoses, cords, leveling jacks and stabilizers, special cleaners and caulks, even RV toilet paper (who knew you had to use special tp!?).

On Sunday morning, we headed back to St. Louis, RV in tow. Mike did a great job with all the driving. It was our first of many long trips towing our home behind us. Mike was most anxious about backing it in down our long narrow driveway. After a little repositioning, he got the job done. Now, she’s all set up in our driveway, just waiting for us to move in.

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