Goodbye Volvo

February 7, 2016 - by Michael
Mike on the day he sold his car.

Early in 2012, my previous car was totaled in a hail storm. I shopped around a bit and found this 2008 Volvo S60. It had very low miles and was in excellent condition. I really enjoyed the car because it has lots of comfort features, and was great for trips to Chicago or Peoria. We even took it on a road trip with friends down to Mississippi. Although, Steffanie will tell you about how the rear passenger side door was broken during that trip and how much of a pain it was to get in an out. In retrospect I really wanted a pickup truck, but couldn’t pass up what a great deal I found in this Volvo. So now that we have a real solid reason to buy a truck I am not too sad to see it go.

I have been working from home ¬†for nearly a year now. ¬†Since I am not commuting to work we decided to go ahead and sell my car. Hopefully without the car payment I can put a little more towards paying off some credit card debt before we hit the road. I thoroughly cleaned the car and Steffanie helped me stage a photoshoot. Listing on Craigslist and sharing on Facebook were how I got the word out. I got a few responses right away, and it only took about a week to find a buyer. The only complication that came up while making the deal was due to the fact that I hadn’t paid the car off yet. I had to provide a lien waver to the buyer before they could re-title. In the future If I ever get into a situation like this again, I will find a way to pay the car off first to avoid waiting on a bank to process the paperwork. In the end, I sold it for the price I wanted, and I am happy to be moving forward with our plans.

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